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Mouton interactive creates the modern Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions that enable companies to effectively use the most advanced technologies in the business strategy. It builds up the ...

Mouton interactive creates the modern Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions that enable companies to effectively use the most advanced technologies in the business strategy. It builds up the creative image of the external visual communication of companies.

We have been present at the multimedia and service Internet market since 1999. Using the Internet, we offer our customers, employees and trading partners the simplest means of access to information and data of the company. The notion Creative Communication Space is the key to understanding the gist of our activity. Our offer at the market involves both creation and precise Internet solutions.

The multimedia solutions that we offer are a perfect tool enabling the marketing section to boost the company. They allow for building up a positive image of the company or of the trademark among customers and business partners.

Our package solutions

  • Online catalogues of products - the environment in which employees, customers as well as trading partners can find all pieces of information, communicate and make transactionsi.
  • The Intranet and Extranet
  • CMS (Content Management System)- the systems of content management that allow for bringing out information in all different types of info services to people who do not possess technological expertise.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)- the systems of managing relationships with the customer that enable to effectively manage the system of distribution, of orders as well as of trading processes.
  • eShop - the system that helps with the management of online products; the e-commerce application together with the collective information module, detailed reports, statistics and sales analyses. eShop is the modern and extra distribution channel in the company. It also has a significant meaning of promotion.
  • eMarketing - positioning – the application service used for the effectiveness of the Internet work. Integrated promotion processes that increase the viewing of the company’s Internet sites.
  • Online information magazine - the PR module – the centre of external information, the module of information transmission inside and outside the company. It connects the elements of both the Extranet and the Intranet.
  • Multimedia - the range of services connected with creating visual communication in the company

The solutions suggested by us are prepared for an effective activity, based on open standards (PHP, XML, MySQL), safe, infallible and calibrated.

Working on particular projects, we try to keep to the reliable scheme:

discussion > creative research > choice and creative process > testing.

Our activities are not only focused on introducing our customers to the virtual circulation. First and foremost, we look for the best solutions for variable products. Our aim is directed at creating the image of the company which is going to be always noticed and remembered by our users.

We work with the best, experienced specialists in the field of multimedia, graphics and programming Internet applications. Owing to that, we have the possibility to work for the most demanding people and to carry out their visions efficaciously. MOUTON interactive consists of nine young, creative and dynamic people as well as of the group of full-time co-workers and consultants

Do you want to get to know about our offer? Fill in the form and our representative will contact you.  
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